Introducing Christa Dodd, the NOSC Nutritionist.

Nutrition has been a lifelong passion of mine and I am very excited to be able to offer my advice to patients embarking on their weight loss journey. It is very important that we all understand the basics of healthy eating and exercise and the role they play in losing weight and then maintaining that loss!

My aim is to support you through your weight loss journey, offering nutritional advice whilst motivating you to live a healthier lifestyle. After completing a food and mood diary, I can help you to look at what and why you are eating.

I specialise in Mindfulness and Eating Behaviours. My consultations will motivate and inspire you to look after your body by fuelling it with healthy, nutritious meals.

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Health, Mindfulness Training Certificate, Listening Skills Workshop.

Christa - NOSC Nutritionist

Christa Dodd Qualifications

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