Introducing Wendy: Nutrition & Weight Management Specialist & Patient Support Advisor.

Wendy is a friendly, approachable and highly experienced professional who specialises in weight management. She will be able to fully support you with all aspects of your weight loss journey. Her aim is to help you find balance with your weight, eating patterns and emotions, so that you can live your life with health, vitality and happiness.

She will guide you to achieve a weight loss that may have not been possible on your own. Both from an accountability standpoint and a nuts and bolts approach, your support calls with Wendy will show you just what it takes to achieve your weight loss goals. Through a series of lifestyle changes, body image modification and the setting of goals both long and short term, you will soon begin to see drastic change that may have not been possible had you gone at it alone.

wendy - NOSC Nutritionist

Wendy's Qualifications

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