Introducing Luke Walker: NOSC Personal Trainer

I am extremely passionate when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle and I am determined and driven to help people achieve their goals. My aim is to make your training as enjoyable and effective as possible.

I’ve been training myself and others now for many years and I don’t think there is a better feeling than knowing you’ve worked 100% to reach your goals.

I have had experience training a wide range of people from the super fit to the trying to get fit. For me, there is no discrimination and I believe that anyone brave enough to take the first step and start training is already a champion!

QUALIFICATIONS – CYQ level 2 Gym Instructor,  CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer,  CYQ Certificate in Circuit Training, Nutrition, National Pool Lifeguard Qualification, First Aid at Work, Kettlebells, Indoor cycling, Suspension training
SPECIALISATION – I specialise in various training techniques from body sculpting and toning to muscle building and fitness goals.

Each of my consultations will be specific to the individual’s needs, whether that is to lose fat and tone your body, improve your stamina or gain muscle strength. I will design a personal plan that will work for you. 

Luke Walker - NOSC Personal Trainer

Luke Walkers Qualifications

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