We have been placing gastric balloons for 13 years. From the start we have emphasised that the balloon is only part of the story. It is a fantastic weight loss aid and we have had patients lose up to 10 stone* in a year by this method. However, we are not just looking at weight loss. We must also consider long term weight maintenance. This means that while the balloon is doing its job in dealing with the existing weight issues, the patient has to do their job to make sure they are never in this position again.

* results may differ from person to person and wont be the same for everyone.

This is where NOSC differ from other providers. We understand that for most people, losing weight is not the central issue. The problem is that they start to regain their weight as soon as they return to ‘normal’ eating. At NOSC the emphasis is on support and re-education. While the balloon is doing its job in assisting with weight loss (and it does this very well) our Support Team will take the time to find out why the patient has continually failed in their past attempts at keeping to a healthy weight. They will then structure an individual programme which will carry on for the life of the balloon placement and for 6 months afterwards. During this time a member of the team works closely with the patient to assist them in making some fundamental and necessary changes. By the time the balloon is removed, the patient has adopted a totally different mindset, lost their destructive old habits and developed a new set of attitudes and behaviours. The support continues for a further 6 months to reinforce all that has changed.

Over the years at NOSC we have had some amazing success stories and we know we will have many, many more in the years to come.

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