Every year, hundreds of people successfully lose weight with the NOSC Gastric Balloon Programme. By joining the growing number of NOSC patients you can be sure that our professionally-qualified team will give you the support and dedicated individual patient care that you need to achieve significant weight loss. The Gastric Balloon is a revolutionary and simple way to lose weight and change your relationship with food forever. Patients have lost a significant amount of weight working with the gastric balloon and the aftercare programme.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

The Gastric Balloon is the non-surgical weight loss alternative for people who want an intense period of weight loss and who understand that they must keep to a sensible eating programme after their balloon is removed.

The balloon is designed to induce weight loss by partially filling your stomach so that you get less hungry, feel fuller quicker, and importantly alter your personal relationship with food. It does so by utilising it alongside a dedicated follow up and support programme.

What are the benefits of the Gastric Balloon?

The Stomach Balloon Programme at the National Obesity Surgery Centre is a safe, effective, proven, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical alternative for the treatment of obesity. It requires no surgery and no general anaesthetic.

Is a Gastric Balloon suitable for me?

The Spatz balloon is suitable if your BMI is over 27. It stays in place for 12 months with an 18 month support programme.

To qualify, your BMI must be over 27 and you should understand that your behaviour around food needs to change in order for you to reap the long term benefits of your Gastric Balloon.

Why might I choose a Gastric Balloon for my weight loss procedure?

  • You may have a specific reason for your weight gain and that reason has now gone (such as temporary immobility or pregnancy) and you would like to lose weight quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • You are a long term yo-yo dieter, but you know that with the correct help you can lose your excess weight and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle after your gastric balloon is removed.
  • You are prepared to involve yourself with the NOSC Support Team and follow their guidance.
  • You may prefer not to undergo a more invasive procedure involving general anaesthesia.
  • You may be suffering from a significant weight related co-morbidity. The commonest co-morbidity we see in this group is infertility associated with polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • You may not be medically fit enough to undergo a more major procedure.
  • You might need to lose weight quickly before you are able to undergo other surgery, such as joint replacement or heart bypass surgery.

How do I know which Gastric Balloon to choose?

If you have 2 or 3 stone to lose, you might choose the Orbera balloon. If you have more weight to lose or you would like the added benefit of a longer lasting device you will probably choose the Spatz balloon.

The procedure

What happens during the procedure?

The deflated Gastric Balloon is inserted through your mouth, down your gullet and into your stomach. In our expert hands, it requires little or no sedation and we will ensure that you feel little discomfort during your procedure.

Once the balloon is in your stomach it is inflated and filled with sterile saline. The amount of saline varies according to the size of your stomach.

The removal of the balloon is as simple as the placement.

How long does it take?

It takes around 10 minutes to place your Gastric Balloon. You usually leave the hospital within an hour or two of your procedure.

What is the recovery process?

Most people find that their Gastric Balloon settles quickly, usually within 2 to 4 days. Side effects can include nausea, bloating and stomach cramps which can all be resolved with medication.


We run the NOSC Stomach Balloon Programme throughout the UK and beyond, so wherever you live, the National Obesity Surgery Centre can provide you with an excellent service, both during and following your gastric balloon procedure.

This will help you get the very best out of your Gastric Balloon – achieving optimum results.

The whole point of our exclusive NOSC Stomach Balloon programme is to use the stomach balloon to help the patients adapt an eating pattern where they are eating:

  • The right food
  • In the right amounts
  • At the right times
  • For the right reasons
  • For the rest of their lives

In short – a healthy relationship with food. It really is as simple as that!

The Stomach Balloon programme at the NOSC consists of the following:

The NOSC Prep Programme

This is our own unique 4-day preparation programme prior to the insertion of the balloon.

The NOSC Food and Eating Programme

At the National Obesity Surgery Centre we believe that food and eating are distinct elements. Each is awarded equal importance in our programme, making the whole issue of food easier to deal with. It is a process that continues throughout the placement of the balloon and forever afterwards. It is not a fad diet, it is not a liquid diet, it is not a quick fix, it is just a simple, healthy approach to food.

The NOSC Support Programme

At the NOSC we believe that support is essential, irrespective of how you lose weight. With the NOSC 24 hour support system patients are never on their own.

The NOSC Behaviour Modification Programme

CBC (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching) is based on scientific principles which help the patients to understand their issues around food and how these issues affect their feelings, thoughts and behaviour. The focus of the coaching is to enable patients to generate solutions to the problems of yo-yo dieting.

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