The two most popular treatments for NOSC patients were the gastric balloon and the gastric sleeve. At opposite ends of the spectrum, both procedures offer amazing weight loss benefits.

Some patients have lost as much as 10 stone in a year with their gastric balloon, although not everyone has that much excess weight to lose. The gastric balloon can benefit anyone, whether their BMI is 27 or 57. While the patients are losing their weight, the NOSC Support Team is working individually with each person on their own programme of re-education and behaviour change. This means that when the balloon is removed, people don’t go back to their old eating habits.

There are people who feel that they cannot commit to working with the Support Team but still want long term weight loss. It may be that they have a lot of weight to lose and cannot visualise the end result or it may be that they feel they have an insurmountable problem. Whatever the reason, we know that by undergoing sleeve gastrectomy and taking a sensible approach to nutrition, these patients can also lose all of their excess weight and keep it off.

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