Did you know that every year, the UK sells between 80 and 90 million chocolate Easter eggs during the annual Spring holiday. Further data reveals that in 2021, the UK spent a whopping £153 million on Easter eggs. This is all in addition to the fact that your average 286g hollow egg weighs in at 537 calories with 31g of fat per 100g serving! Naughty!
So, hands up all of you that massively overindulged at Easter? Especially on Sunday as the weather was so fine, and on Monday when you hugely over did the Roast Lamb because it rained all day!

What if we could show you how to still enjoy all these treats, and all of the others throughout your annual social calendar?

Our surgical and non-surgical medical procedures are tailor made for your specific weight loss requirements and needs, and there are several options for your to choose from. No matter which you decide on, there is always a private hospital or clinic nearby, so there is no need for foreign travel, flights, and transfers. Just a short car journey there and home!
From the simple non-surgical gastric balloon procedure to sleeves and bypasses, we can promise that a new you is just a few hops away!


  1. You will feel fuller, faster!
  2. You will not feel as hungry, and cravings should slow down!
  3. You will not be able to eat the naughty portions you once did!
  4. You can still enjoy a full menu, just in far smaller proportions!
  5. Treats are allowed, just in smaller bite sizes!
  6. You can still have a tipple or two!
  7. You will feel great!
  8. You WILL lose weight!

One of our 2022 losers commented this Easter, that although her Easter roast was far smaller this year, and her wine glass only half full a couple of times, she did not feel like she was missing out on any of the bunny fun! She even managed a mini-egg or two!

Want to know more or have a chat about your options? Why not give us a call on 0345 618 7276. We’re ready and waiting to help you become a whole new you!

Here at the NOSC we want you to experience all these amazing changes! So, we bring together seventeen of the finest hospitals and seventeen of the most skilled and experienced consultant surgeons and consultant gastroenterologists in the entire country. Each surgeon and each hospital throughout the United Kingdom has to meet the criteria set out in our own minimum standards document. This ensures you that you will receive only the highest level of care, where safety is always the first consideration.

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