When we have decided that the diets just not cutting it and we want to divorce the bathroom scales, we embark on the research for weight loss procedures.
We are first obsessed with the before and after images. Are they real? Are they photoshopped? Will it work for me? Then we look through the horror stories of these procedures both here in the UK (of which there are very few we would like to state) and of course abroad.
Then comes the search for cost, which for many is a game changer for opting to go abroad. Of course, UK surgery is always going to be more expensive, as, as a proud nation our medical practitioners and surgeons take these life changing procedures and surgeries very seriously, and the aftercare will always be second to none, in addition to not having to travel thousands of miles to a foreign country.
What we want to share with you now though are some of the real changes. The physical and the psychological. So, we asked several of our very happy losers to fill us in on the things that have changed for them:

  1. Only your brain is hungry – We have heard this time and time again and it is one of the biggest hurdles post-procedure. Remember, your stomach will be far smaller. You can still enjoy your food, just far less of it.
  2. You will lose weight from all over the place - Literally, from your ankles to your earlobes! It’s just crazy where the body stores that naughty old fat!
  3. Measure as well as weigh – Throughout the process you will ‘stall’ and the scales may not move for weeks, but measuring will show you your on-going weight loss progress.
  4. Your belly will be the last thing to go – Typical, but usually true. Regular exercise and toning will assist with the shifting of the belly, but please don’t stress it.
  5. Boobs and bums – These tend to go first, along with those pesky double chins. Again, exercise like squats and sit-ups will help with toning that skin, as well as additional fat loss.
  6. The bedroom – We’re going to tell you right now, that as you lose weight your libido will return. Your confidence under that duvet may well go though the roof as you discover a whole new smaller you!
  7. Bending over – This is a revelation for so many happy losers! Simply being able to bend down to tie a shoelace. One patient said he cried the first time he performed this simple act for the first time in over a decade.
  8. Your fridge will revolutionise – Gone will be the days stacks of unhealthy choices. You will naturally find yourself kitting out your cold box with buffet style shelves for those little and often plans (though of course the odd naughty treat is fine, as it will be significantly smaller).
  9. You will obsess over the starter menus in your favourite restaurants and bars (because you can still enjoy a full social life, with food and alcohol – just in moderation).
  10. Clothes shopping – This will become something of a joy, sometimes filled with happy tears as you creep down in size, month after month. The words ‘That’ll never fit’ with be a thing of the past as you brave smaller and smaller sizes.
  11. Your feet – They too may well shrink by whole sizes, not just width. Be ready for those insteps and toe or heel extenders.
  12. You will start to love yourself again – The mirror won’t be the enemy anymore and you will find yourself getting back out there, living a fuller happier life because you no longer feel so conspicuous.
  13. Suck up those compliments – Far afar too long you will have been on a total downer about yourself. So, when someone tells you how amazing you look, tell them you know and that you feel great too!
  14. You will regularly kick yourself for not having done this years ago! It’s the number one comment for thousands of NOSC happy losers all over the county!

Here at the NOSC we want you to experience all these amazing changes! So, we bring together seventeen of the finest hospitals and seventeen of the most skilled and experienced consultant surgeons and consultant gastroenterologists in the entire country.
Each surgeon and each hospital throughout the United Kingdom has to meet the criteria set out in our own minimum standards document. This ensures you that you will receive only the highest level of care, where safety is always the first consideration.
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