There is always going to be bad press about Gastric Surgery, be it here in the UK or abroad. But, if you have the choice, always choose to stay close to home – No-one wants to travel thousands of miles at the best of times, let alone when they are not feeling their best, post-surgery!

The keyboard warriors out there say their worst and can always find a statistic or two to throw at you about poor surgery, doom & gloom, or nil-results, or that it’ll never work for you anyway! But the final goal, the end game is entirely up to the person electing to take a proud seat on the ‘losers bench’.

 The sleeve for example, is a tool, we have said it time and time again, it is NOT a magic solution & you need to be ready for some changes in your behaviour towards food & portion sizing.

Yes, it is true that you can re-stretch your stomach, but why would you want to do that after paying for something that is there is aid you to reach your ideal weight? Leave the big macs and large portions of cheesy chips to others, just have the one biscuit & not the whole packet & try gin against wine or beer if you like a drink. Fun size snacks are ideal post-surgery and beyond, as are cheese triangles and the like – Yes you really will eat small!

When you have researched your options, you’ll then dive into groups & online forums with gusto only to come out feeling frazzled by all the suggestions people make about what you will need, what pills to take etc. It’s an absolute minefield!

Here at the NOSC we are with you every step of the way, & of course some people may need more supplements, more chats with our trained in-house team or dietitian while they get used to the new way of living. But we have asked our losers & here are some DO & DO NOT’s for you to consider:

Things you DO NOT need:

  1. Food scales – Do not do this to yourself - Just think ¼ portions (you can always come back)!
  2. Weird and wonderful smaller plates – They alienate you from the rest of the table!
  3. Measuring cups – Pointless – Your body will tell you when it’s full!
  4. Terrifying meal plans and punishment if you overdo it or miss one!
  5. Hundreds of supplements and vitamins – You are a human not a rattle!
  6. A stockpile of cuppa soups or protein powder (they’ll only end up in the bin)!
  7. To measure & weigh daily – Pick one day a week for scales & one a month for measure!
  8. To panic if you stall (don’t lose weight for a week or two) or fall off the wagon with sugars etc.

Things you DO need:

  1. To manage your expectations – You will NOT wake up from surgery 4 stone lighter!
  2. Support – It’s going to be a strange road for a while…
  3. Side plate, smaller breakfast bowl and smaller tea / coffee cup (hotel sizes)
  4. A sensible shopping list:
    • Protein – Chicken or Fish
    • Fats – Mini cheeses (like lunch box one’s)
    • Carbs – 50/50 bread or protein rich thins etc.
    • Herbs & spices – Your palette may change
    • One good multi-vitamin
    • Milk (if you like it), fresh juices and a decent water bottle
  5. A go-to comfort food, some of these are (when eaten in moderation i.e., tiny portions):
    • Egg & Bacon
    • Lasagne
    • Roast Dinners etc.
  6. A good firming moisturiser! Our losers recommend Nivea Q10 but there are loads about
  7. Restaurants & bars with fantastic starter menus!
  8. A readiness to brave throwing out clothes as you shrink
  9. An equal readiness to shop – Keep it cheap at the start (most lose 3-4 sizes in the first months)
  10. The attitude that you CAN do this!
check list

It may seem hard at the beginning but stick with it & you will be at your ideal size & weight, feeling happier, healthier & more alive than ever before!

Weight loss surgery is one of the fastest growing areas of private medicine in the United Kingdom.  So, it really is no wonder that prospective patients become confused about which procedure to opt for and where to go for advice when they decide on surgery in the UK.

Here at NOSC we bring together seventeen of the finest hospitals and seventeen of the most skilled and experienced consultant surgeons and consultant gastroenterologists in the country for you!

Each surgeon and each hospital has to meet the criteria set out in our own minimum standards document. This ensures you that you will receive the highest level of care, where safety is always the first consideration.

Want to know more or have a chat about your options in total confidence? Why not give us a call on 0345 618 7276. We’re ready and waiting to help you become a whole new you!

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