A huge amount will change when you have had your Gastric Surgery with us, of course everyone’s progress is different, everyone’s emotions are different, everyone’s experiences are different. But we wanted to go through just a few of the things you may well come across in readiness for your future greatness.

Firstly, only your brain will remain hungry, craving big plates of food, huge takeouts and entire packets of biscuits. Your body however will be able to run on far less than you ever expected. In fact it’ll run on less than a quarter (if not even less) of what you consumed pre-sleeve. All you need to remember is to ensure you are giving your body any vitamins and minerals it may lack post-sleeve and keep your portions comfortably small – And no more than four portions of food a day.

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Changes to your weight and shape will vary, but they will happen. You may not see them as quickly as others will, because you have spent years doubting yourself and probably not having a particularly high opinion of yourself. So we suggest either a weekly photo (for yourself) or perhaps a monthly measure.  

But don’t spend every day on the scales – Pick a specific day of the week to weigh in (if you want to) and please don’t freak out if the numbers don’t move as fast as you’d like, or sometimes wiggle up by a pound. It is completely normal, as your body will still be adjusting to the change for some time. Also, bear in mind that that pesky fat never comes off where you want it to first, but it will come off all over!

Jealousy is something that we too want to broach upon briefly. Haters will always hate, and you need to be mindful of resentment and negativity, because this transformation is for your mind as well as your body. You’ve done this for you, and you will change both physically and mentally!

You made the decision to lose weight with us and as you succeed those who can’t or won’t, will have something to say. ‘Oh just wait, in another year you’ll have stretched your stomach and be back to being fat again’ or ‘You cheated having surgery’ or ‘You’re just showing off with all your new me pics’. It’s not showing off, its self-love, pride in your achievements and you should never bow down to these people or question just how far you’ve come.

Genuine compliments are wonderful, so please accept them for what they are! You have worked hard, rolled through the changes, the weird and wonderful way your body has adjusted to its new way of living. You have said no to the extra bites that you know will not sit well, and hopefully avoided some of your pre-sleeve poor choices, so suck up the love of the whole new smaller you!

One-year shockers are the best. You do something or fit somewhere that you have not been able to do before (or for a long time) and that is just the best feeling ever. You’ll not have to ask someone to move their chair in to pass, you’ll be able to cross your legs with ease, tie shoelaces without killing yourself. You’ll have adjusted your driving position more than a few times already too. You’ll be able to shop on the high street, and not think ‘will that take my weight’ when you sit down on a smaller chair.

The ONLY thing you have to LOSE by getting in touch NOW is WEIGHT!

Want to know more? The NOSC have all of the resources right here in the United Kingdom to ensure that your procedures are a seamless success, and that you get the care and support you need, for as long as you need it. From experts in ensuring you choose the right procedure, top surgeons, dietitians, to fitness coaches and the ‘losers’ support group.

Our expert team have provided the right guidance for thousands of people up and down the whole of the United Kingdom, and you too can be booked in for the perfect surgical, or non-surgical weight loss procedure within a matter of weeks, one that really will ensure that you lose that weight and keep it off for good!

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Weight loss surgery is one of the fastest growing areas of private medicine in the United Kingdom.  So, it really is no wonder that prospective patients become confused about which procedure to opt for and where to go for advice when they decide on surgery in the UK.



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