Many people are drawn to getting weight loss surgery abroad for a variety of reasons, with cost being the primary one.

The cost of obesity surgery is lower in many clinics and hospitals around the world than it is in the UK. Many of them will provide unique discounts, which, when coupled with a trip to an exotic area, are quite hard to pass up.
If you're thinking about getting weight loss surgery, you've definitely heard about the possibility of getting the treatment done abroad for a significantly lower cost.
Although it may be enticing, you need to be informed of some potential risks associated with having elective surgery abroad, such as poorer patient care and high, unforeseen expenditures.
Initially, it might sound like you are being treated in the right way, in a desirable location, and, when combined with the opportunity to have a short break, sounds too good to be true.

Is it really worth it?

Unfortunately, all these factors being too good to be true is exactly what has turned out to be the case for a great many patients. There are good, reputable clinics and surgeons in other countries who will treat you fairly and competently to ensure that you get the results that you want.
However, some are only interested in the profits and will encourage people to undergo surgery – even if it is unnecessary or unsuitable. There are international guidelines for assessing patient suitability for surgery, but not every surgeon or clinic follows these guidelines. Some will advise surgery even though the risks outweigh the benefits. People may be able to undergo risky procedures that are prohibited by UK regulations by having weight loss surgery abroad.
It is essential for patients to have access to a quality aftercare programme following this type of surgery. Some patients claim that after having weight loss surgery abroad, they received little to no aftercare. The patient can develop issues upon returning to the UK, forcing the NHS to take care of them.
Many surgeons in the UK have had to fix obesity operations that were initially carried out in other countries that failed or went wrong. Sadly, because of this, the patient may have long-term health issues.

Is weight loss surgery actually cheaper abroad?

The ‘medical tourism’ trend, which sees people going abroad for bariatric surgery, was growing in popularity before the global pandemic and continues to grow. Of course, there are a variety of factors that influence whether a patient decides to fly abroad for surgery, but the cost is frequently a significant one. Even though clinics abroad may be more affordable, they often lack the same high standards for patient safety that exist in the UK. Consequently, the likelihood of problems increases. Such complications spiral into astronomical unforeseen costs to fix health issues.

Do they have the necessary safety regulations?

There may be risks for those who travel outside the UK because the medical tourism industry is almost entirely unregulated. Although there is some danger involved with every surgery, the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in the UK work to protect patients and oversee the sector.
In order to ensure that services adhere to the highest standards of patient safety and quality, the CQC monitors, inspects, and regulates them. By collaborating with physicians and patients to achieve high standards of care, the GMC seeks to protect patient safety.

Will I get aftercare if I have weight loss surgery abroad?

The issue of different standards abroad is one thing, but another thing to think about is aftercare. Sadly, packages for weight loss surgery abroad frequently come with no aftercare at all. The most crucial phase of your path toward achieving your goals in a secure and healthy manner is aftercare. According to research, patients who regularly contact their bariatric expert team for follow-up appointments after weight loss surgery have better results.
At The National Obesity Surgery Centre, we recognise the value of postoperative treatment and follow-up appointments. These appointments make the distinction between decent and outstanding outcomes.

The National Obesity Surgery Centre’s weight loss surgery aftercare plan

Our weight loss surgery aftercare is second-to-none, with our principal aims being- to treat all patients with care, concern and compassion – to facilitate your ultimate goal of weight loss; to help you become the person you want to be!
The NOSC all-inclusive plan comprises a comprehensive care package, in addition to surgery this includes:

  • Regular pre-arranged calls with your Patient Support Advisor for 18 months
  • Behavioural Modification Coaching
  • Diet and Nutritional advice
  • Conscious Eating Workshop -A telephone consultation with a Nutritionist who will teach you how to eat mindfully
  • Food Diary Analysis
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • NOSC Weight Loss Programme
  • Unlimited access to our Interactive Online Support Programme including LiveChat
  • Hunger Management Workshop
  • Lifestyle Tuition workshop
  • Interactive Online Group Mentoring

Our bariatric aftercare programmes are managed by a team of world-class surgeons with expertise in weight loss surgery. We provide properly equipped facilities in a private setting with aftercare provided by a team that is aware of the medical, psychological, and social difficulties surrounding obesity and the requirements of patients undergoing bariatric surgery.
To learn more about our specialised treatment clinics and our all-inclusive aftercare plan, get in touch with The National Obesity Surgery Centre if you like the thought of having weight loss surgery in the UK rather than travelling abroad.
If you are thinking of going abroad for your weight loss surgery, then consider this option very carefully. Get advice from our NOSC weight loss surgery specialists today on 0345 618 7276. Do your research and ensure that you get what suits you and not the clinic’s finances.

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