We understand that when you are overweight, fat or even obese, some of the lengths you will go to, to shed a few pounds can be a little strange to those who don’t get it, don’t suffer from it, and really have no clue.
Here at the NOSC we have heard pretty much everything and want to share just some of the delusions and slightly odd things people tried to lose weight before just making the sensible call to us.

  1. Firming Lotions – We’re not talking just a quick rub on the thighs here; we’re talking taking it to Cleopatra extremes and almost bathing in the stuff daily!
  2. Cling Film – Yes folks, you heard it here first, one of our patients has admitted to going to bed every night wrapped in food wrap in the hope that sweating it out while they slept would ensure weight loss.
  3. Laxatives – NOW THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS! It also doesn’t work! You’ll just be sat on the loo for a while, and then back to normal (and probably hungry).
  4. Slimming Pills – IF they actually worked and were as cheap as you can get them online, EVERYONE would be taking them. Yes, of course there are appetite suppressants available on the market, but they don’t tackle the real issue for long.
  5. Coffee – The initial buzz from the caffeine will ease immediate hunger pangs, but these won’t stay quiet for long, and all you end up doing is giving yourself the jitters while you head for the fridge.
  6. Adding fruit and veg to what you already consume, because fruit is healthy and therefore that’ll surely work! – Wrong!
  7. Liquidizing what you eat in the vain hope that because it will come through faster and you’re not technically eating, you will not catch those calories!
  8. Dropping your body into starvation mode. Again, this is dangerous, and cannot be maintained for long periods to time, so you will end up back at square one, and hungry!

So, you have either nodded at a few of these, or shaken your head in disbelief… Whichever it was, if you are serious about wanting to lose weight for good, the one thing you should be doing is getting in touch with us!

For as little as the equivalent of the cost of 5 or 6 takeaways a month you could be booked safely in at a UK location of your choice and losing weight for good as early as May, if not sooner!

Want to know more? The NOSC have all of the resources right here in the United Kingdom to ensure that your procedures are a seamless success, and that you get the care and support you need, for as long as you need it. From experts in ensuring you choose the right procedure, top surgeons, dietitians, to fitness coaches and the ‘losers’ support group.

The ONLY thing you have to LOSE by getting in touch NOW is WEIGHT!

Our expert team have provided the right guidance for thousands of people up and down the whole of the United Kingdom, and you too can be booked in for the perfect surgical, or non-surgical weight loss procedure within a matter of weeks, one that really will ensure that you lose that weight and keep it off for good!

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Weight loss surgery is one of the fastest growing areas of private medicine in the United Kingdom.  So, it really is no wonder that prospective patients become confused about which procedure to opt for and where to go for advice when they decide on surgery in the UK.
Here at the NOSC we bring together more than seventeen of the finest hospitals and the most skilled and experienced consultant surgeons and consultant gastroenterologists in the country for you! Each surgeon and each hospital has to meet the criteria set out in our own minimum standards document. This ensures you that you will receive the highest level of care, where safety and your wellbeing is always our first consideration.

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