Decided on some serious weight loss surgery? There is no shame in it, and it’s not cheating to go down the surgical route. Especially if like so many people in the UK, you just can’t stick to a diet or regain it all as soon as you fall off the dietary wagon.
The Gastric Sleeve is an ideal choice of procedure for people who want a long term surgical option, but prefer not to have an implanted device, such as a gastric band. This is an exciting weight loss option that combines many of the advantages of a gastric band with those of a gastric bypass.
It works by removing a portion of the stomach to reduce its’ size by around 80%*. The resulting decrease in capacity leads to substantial weight loss. This is an excellent choice of procedure for people who do not want the anatomical alteration and ongoing side effects of a gastric bypass or the insertion of a device such as a gastric band or balloon.
After surgery the real hard work begins, and it begins with your relationship with food!

Now, roll up your sleeves… The work begins!

  1. Your stomach will be 80% smaller than previously, so you just won’t be able to eat as much!
  2. Your brain will still try to tell you it wants all these huge portions and naughty treats!
  3. You have to train yourself to know when to stop eating!
  4. Don’t force it down, you’ll soon learn when you’ve had enough!
  5. Try to entertain a healthier balanced diet!
  6. Little and often is key and starters are perfect!
  7. Exercise is going to make the process quicker!
  8. It’s NOT a magic trick – You get out whet you put in (not literally)!
  9. It is a tool to train your body to live on far less food and fatty fuel!
  10. Be ready to change mentally as well as physically!

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