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In order to ascertain which procedure is best for you, we have listed the key differences between a Gastric Balloon, a Gastric Band and a Gastric Sleeve. The fundamental differences should be taken into consideration before you take the next step. The best procedure for you will depend upon many factors including your BMI, your behaviour around food, your long term goals and your general lifestyle.
Generally speaking, Gastric Bands are for people who require substantial weight loss over a much longer period of time. The Gastric Band is a keyhole surgery procedure whilst the Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthetic or mild sedation. The Gastric Balloon gives faster weight loss, and if the patient is prepared to make alterations to their relationship with food, the long term results are excellent. The Gastric Sleeve offers long term control and is ideal for people who prefer not to have an implanted device. As the part of the stomach that is removed is responsible for secreting the hormone Ghrelin (your hunger hormone) gastric sleeve patients find that they are rarely hungry. A good choice for people who want the long term benefit of substantial weight loss without follow up visits or further intervention.
Criteria Gastric Balloon Gastric Band Gastric Sleeve
BMI suitability Over 27 Between 30 and 60 Over 35
Duration 15 minutes - usually discharged in 1 hour Usually involves an overnight stay 2-night stay
Anaesthetic Local General General
Surgery involved No surgery Keyhole surgery Keyhole surgery
long term or temporary? Orbera Balloon removed after 6 months
Spatz after 12 months
Can remain in place indefinitely long term
Adjustable? Orbera - no
Spatz - yes
Yes No
Purpose To gain a healthy relationship with food Significantly reduces the capacity to eat Significantly reduces the capacity to eat
What can I eat afterwards? Normal diet - but less Blended food for short period before moving on to normal food Blended food for short period before moving on to normal food

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