Where will I go for my treatment?

The National Obesity Surgery Centre is based in the North West of England and has 16 hospital locations in the UK. Due to the nature of the Gastric Balloon procedure, we can effectively monitor patients based in any location – including those outside the UK. We have extensive experience in providing the NOSC Stomach Balloon Programme to overseas patients, including our dedicated aftercare and advice service.

What if I just have a balloon. Do I really need a programme as well?

The answer is “yes”. The key to making the very most of your balloon is to follow a behaviour modification programme.

What if I just do the programme without the balloon?

It is well established that diet programmes do not work in the long-term. After all, that is why patients come to us in the first place.

The NOSC Stomach Balloon Programme has been specifically designed to work alongside the Gastric Balloon, in order for our patients to get the best possible long term results.

The Gastric Balloon is a remarkable development allowing us to help our patients modify their behaviour and their relationship with food forever. And with the NOSC Stomach Balloon Programme alongside it, it works beautifully.

Is the Gastric Balloon a temporary solution to weight loss?

It is important to understand the relationship between your Gastric Balloon and the NOSC Stomach Balloon Programme. Combining both elements will ensure that you lose your excess weight* and maintain that loss* in the long-term*.

* results may differ from person to person and wont be the same for everyone.

Why does the balloon take a few days to settle down?

At first your stomach will think that the balloon is food and therefore needs to be digested. When it can’t send the balloon down it will try to send it up. It is this repeated movement of the balloon that causes the side effects.

I am very busy most days of the week. How will I make time to attend my appointments?

Don’t worry. If you can’t come to us then we will come to you, via the telephone or e-mail. The NOSC Stomach Balloon Programme is designed to fit into your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

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