Before embarking on Gastric Sleeve or Bypass Surgery, many people go through stages of anxiousness, have serious concerns and fears that sometimes they don’t want to air publicly.
They literally panic about all the horror stories they have heard or read about and are terrified of some of the strangest things.
Here at the NOSC we try to be as transparent with prospective patients as we can. So, we will go through just a few of these issues for you, to hopefully allay any concerns you have.
Can I live a normal life after surgery? - Surgery will start you on the path to a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life - FACT. But it is not a cure-all for obesity, but rather a tool to help you lose weight. Success depends on your ability to follow the post-surgery principles including diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. But with the aid of this tool, these all far more achievable. Read about the changes here!
Can I ever eat properly again after surgery? - Yes, of course you can! In fact after the short healing process you can eat pretty much whatever you want, you’ll just eat far less of it! Nothing is off the menu as long as your potions are right! You are going from football to tennis ball, if you want to have that analogy in your head…
Can I drink alcohol? - Absolutely! But again, as with food, the amount you can consume will be far less. Pints will probably be a struggle and fizz may not agree with you either. But drinks with friends of a glass or two in the evening or at the weekend are still on!
Will I have saggy skin? - It is inevitable that if you are going to drop body mass rapidly, your skin just won’t be able to keep up. But with toning exercises and a good skin replenishing regime, like firming lotions in most cases you just have a little wrinkling skin... Learn more here!
Will my hair fall out? - Some people notice that their hair can become finer, but hair loss is very rare. Keep your vitamins and collagen levels up and you should be good to go.
How can I live on so little? - You’d be surprised to know that the human body can happily run on only 1000 calories a day, bearing in mind that the average obese person can consume anything from 4000 to 6000 calories a day. Food is simply fuel. Plan your meals and your treats well and you’ll be just fine.
Will there be scarring? - You will have 3-5 small incision scars on your stomach. Keep the bio-oil to hand, as this too will ease off those  stretch marks you already have from being overweight.
Will  surgery fix my current medical conditions? - Medial conditional including high blood pressure and diabetes and proven to be alleviated by weight loss, coupled with a healthier lifestyle, and not carrying around so much excess weight.
Fear of the Procedure and Anaesthesia! - Of course there is always apprehension with any medical procedure, but the NOSC hospitals and clinics are some of the best in the UK, so with us you are in safe hands!

The ONLY thing you have to LOSE by getting in touch NOW is WEIGHT!

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Want to know more? The NOSC have all of the resources right here in the United Kingdom to ensure that your procedures are a seamless success, and that you get the care and support you need, for as long as you need it. From experts in ensuring you choose the right procedure, top surgeons, dietitians, to fitness coaches and the ‘losers’ support group.
Our expert team have provided the right guidance for thousands of people up and down the whole of the United Kingdom, and you too can be booked in for the perfect surgical, or non-surgical weight loss procedure within a matter of weeks, one that really will ensure that you lose that weight and keep it off for good!

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Weight loss surgery is one of the fastest growing areas of private medicine in the United Kingdom.  So, it really is no wonder that prospective patients become confused about which procedure to opt for and where to go for advice when they decide on surgery in the UK.
Here at the NOSC we bring together more than seventeen of the finest hospitals and the most skilled and experienced consultant surgeons and consultant gastroenterologists in the country for you! Each surgeon and each hospital has to meet the criteria set out in our own minimum standards document. This ensures you that you will receive the highest level of care, where safety and your wellbeing is always our first consideration.

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