Several types of procedures can lead to significant weight loss. A weight loss balloon, officially known as a gastric balloon, is a type of non-surgical weight loss procedure that can help improve a variety of obesity-related conditions.

Weight Loss Balloon: The Procedure

The weight loss balloon is a non-surgical weight loss alternative treatment for those who desire significant weight loss.

Designed to induce weight loss by partially filling your stomach so that you feel less hungry and feel fuller faster, this solution changes your relationship with food.

Patients must know they must stick to a sensible, reasonable eating plan after the balloon is removed.

Is Weight Loss Balloon Right for you?

If your BMI is over 27, the gastric balloon may be right for you.

We offer several gastric balloon treatment options, including the ORBERA365™ Gastric Balloon, Spatz3 Gastric Balloon, and Allurion Swallow Balloon. In all cases, a balloon is placed into the stomach under expert supervision. Balloon removal is almost always as simple as the placement.

While both the procedure and recovery process are both relatively simple, you should note that long-term benefits are secured by changing your behaviour and relationship with food. At NOSC, we know this can be challenging. We’ll be there for you throughout your treatment and post-treatment journey.

We also understand that post-treatment support, including a sensible nutrition programme, are integral elements of your success. Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances now.


At the National Obesity Surgery Centre, we provide weight loss procedures throughout the UK by bringing together seventeen of the highest-rated hospitals across the UK.

You’ll be in great hands from start to finish. Our procedures are powered by the nation’s leading and most experienced consultant surgeons and consultant gastroenterologists.

We place patient safety at the heart of each procedure – which means you can focus on your success journey with peace of mind.

If you’re tired of struggling on your own, call us today to book your consultation.

Tracey’s Journey with Weight Loss Balloon

Tracey lost 3 ½ stone with a gastric balloon treatment completed at the NOSC. For years, Tracey was increasingly unhappy and overwhelmed by her weight. She struggled with portion control and bad eating habits. She turned to us for help and support.

“The NOSC listened and understood, something I had not come across before.”

Tracey mulled the procedure for over two years. Ultimately, she says, “Just do it. Don’t put it off, it was worth every penny! I had a fantastic journey with the NOSC and the balloon was perfect for me. Anyone can reach their goals; it just takes that first step!” 

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