"lost 3 ½ stone with a Gastric Balloon "*

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Before my treatment began I was overweight and very unhappy with the situation I had ended up in. I was uncomfortable and finding it increasingly difficult to find clothes that suited my body. I was annoyed and disappointed for regaining the weight I had lost by dieting but knew I had only myself to blame.

I fit into the bracket of a yoyo dieter. My weight fluctuates up and down as my emotions get the better of me and I turn to food for comfort when things become overwhelming and the stresses of day to day life present themselves.

As you get older the weight becomes harder and harder to lose. I had no control over my portion size and found my bad eating habits got worse as I got older. I felt like I had to finish all the food on my plate at every meal time,  making my weight gain even worse. My brain didn’t register the feeling of fullness. If I opened anything, a packet of biscuits for example, instead of having 1 or 2 I would find myself mindlessly consuming the whole packet, never really aware of what I had actually eaten.
I have been unhappy with my weight for last 10 years or more especially after having children. I have been thinking about undergoing a Bariatric procedure for around two years but I kept putting it off and thinking I would try harder to be more active by going to the gym and for walks,  but it’s not that easy when you have a busy life. There was always an excuse not to go.  With the children all grown up,  I now have more time to think about myself and also to worry about my health.

When it came to family life, I didn’t really participate. I used to hate having my picture taken and would try to avoid it. I missed out on a lot when the children were growing up too; I didn’t take part in any activities such as joining them on fairground rides and even went as far as not getting on planes because I felt so embarrassed. The family missed out because of my weight.

The bigger I got the more it affected my health, I became sedentary and didn’t try anything because I felt too big.  I never pushed myself and had no motivation. My biggest worry was failure. The depression caused by my fears of the future became more apparent, how would it affect my health?  Will I need knee replacements? How will my joints be? I did not want to be overweight when I reached my 50th Birthday!

After 2 years of thinking, I finally decided it was now or never! I spoke to several other companies but they all tried to upsell to me and talk me into having surgery.  They didn’t really listen to what I wanted. They tried to talk me into bigger, more expensive procedures even though I knew I only wanted a balloon, surgery was definitely not for me.

The NOSC listened and understood,  something I had not come across before. They were able to organise my treatment for a Saturday which for a business owner like me was ideal.
The advisors filled me with confidence and the support offered was outstanding. They answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable about the journey ahead. The aftercare is second to none and with motivational staff 24/7 I was feeling confident.


Manchester hospital was great, the staff were friendly and welcoming. They seemed very knowledgeable and well prepared, I was ready for my journey to a better future.
I recovered quickly and easily, the NOSC phoned me every day and really looked after me. They were very thorough,  making sure I was happy and everything was running smoothly for me. They gave me lots of useful advice and tips. If I was out and missed a call, they would make it a priority to call back at a more convenient time.

The weight started to come off and I felt great.  I lost 3 ½ stone, which I was very proud of!
I felt amazing. The fear of clothes shopping was a thing of the past as my clothes fit fabulously! I stopped having to buy baggy clothes that would shroud my figure and I could wear straight or fitted clothes for the first time in years!

I reached my goal and felt overjoyed, I wish I had done it much sooner and not hesitated for so long.
I would say to others, don’t frighten yourself by reading all the rubbish online. Just do it. Don’t put it off,  it was worth every penny! I had a fantastic journey with the NOSC and the balloon was perfect for me. Anyone can reach their goals; it just takes that first step!

Tracey Powers  

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