NOSC in the media

Our reputation precedes us in the field of weight loss surgery with countless articles written about the success patients have enjoyed and the expertise and pioneering work of our surgeons.

These articles give you some idea of our pre-eminence in this field.

The National Obesity Surgery Centre featured on The Sharon Osbourne Show

On Friday 15th September 2006, both Becky Unsworth and her mum Kerry, along with Dr Phil were featured on the Sharon Osbourne Show.

Becky’s story was discussed for the whole of part two of the show, and Sharon was really sympathetic and excellent with Becky.

Sharon herself has had a lap-band and was honest and open enough to tell everyone that she still has problems with food. She was also kind enough to say that she thought that what we were doing was “really good” in that it aimed to alter behaviour and not just diet.

Sharon has asked to be kept informed of Becky’s progress.

We wish to thank all at the Sharon Osbourne Show for making us so welcome.

The National Obesity Surgery Centre on Five News

The National Obesity Surgery Centre on Granada Reports

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