the unique nosc programme

The unique NOSC programme

For many people the idea of obesity surgery conjures up the idea of a miracle cure in hospital and then a life of weight control made easy. Many weight loss surgery providers would have you believe that was true.

At the National Obesity Surgery Centre we understand that the real key to effective long term control of obesity is to change your behaviour and relationship with food. To that end we have developed a unique interactive online aftercare programme which, in conjunction with one of our proven obesity surgery options, will help you take back control of your life through a healthy relationship with food.
Whilst the initial obesity surgery provides dramatic results, it is this long-term aftercare programme that makes the difference between long-term success and short-term gain. The programme helps patients reshape the way they see food and eating as separate entities to help them better understand the way to manage that relationship in the future.

You will work with our support staff who will offer understanding and practical advice to help you through even the most difficult periods.

The success of the programme can be seen in the way it has helped to transform the lives of patients, giving them back control over their relationship with food and allowing them to live healthier more fulfilling lives.

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