surgery costs

Surgery costs

Many people who contact us at the National Obesity Surgery Centre are mindful of the cost of bariatric surgery and what that cost might include. For many, obesity surgery can seem like an expensive solution for their problem and, quite naturally, they want to be sure they will get a real return for the money they spend. We understand all too well these concerns and we are always happy to talk through the financial benefits of weight loss surgery and the unique benefits of the aftercare programme provided by the National Obesity Surgery Centre.

Finance is available to patients, if you would like to find out more then please speak to one of our patient advisors today.

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People who undergo bariatric surgery at the National Obesity Surgery Centre have tried and failed with diets too numerous to mention. As well as the lack of success of these diets and weight loss solutions, many of our clients fail to calculate the actual cost of these failed attempts to lose weight, both emotionally and in hard cash. People are literally paying the cost for their disappointment. A typical diet takes time and money to plan and try. Every book bought and diet club joined exerts a financial toll on clients.
At the National Obesity Surgery Centre, our comprehensive weight loss surgery procedures are designed to help you change your life forever. In that context paying for obesity surgery and the unique aftercare programme provided by us will be the best money you ever spend on controlling your weight for the rest of your life. No more will you have to pay for failed diets or unsuccessful memberships of diet clubs. That means years and years of financial and emotional benefit for you for a single investment now.

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