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After 18 months of talking to Sarah at NOSC and all the information and support she has given to help me reach this decision, I’ve booked my Sleeve Gastrectomy consultation! Since the age of about 18 I’ve yo-yo dieted, my heaviest weight being 15st.4lbs and my lowest 7st.2lbs. I am now back up to 14st.8lbs and as I’m only 5′ 1″, my BMI has reached 38.9! I finally realise that at forty-four years old, I need some help, not only for my physical health but also for my emotional and mental wellbeing.... *

Roberta's Diary

patient progress

Today I feel very positive – I have lost 6.5kg! I stuck completely to my slimfast diet and drank lots of water. I don’t really like water but it’s good when you are thirsty and I am getting used to it.

No more wedging into tight aircraft seats (I swear they get smaller – it can’t possibly be me!). No more shopping in big girls shops with no real selection. No more looking at my reflection and being thoroughly disgusted with myself...*

Valerie's Diary

patient progress

Today I made the decision to have a gastric balloon fitted. I am excited and I am dreading it at the same time.

Some years ago, I had my first gastric balloon fitted at my local hospital and the memories of being awake and only lightly sedated during the procedure are not pleasant. I was also so disappointed in the aftercare, and really struggled to get the medication right to control the side effects. It took weeks for me to feel comfortable.

Jude's Diary

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