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The NOSC App is here and ready to help support all our patients.

Technology plays an important role in our everyday lives and is an essential component of our support programme

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Christmas is coming, give yourself the gift of weight loss.

Did you know that once you have had a consultation you can have surgery as soon as  two weeks later ?

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Common Weight Loss Procedures in the UK

For people who struggle with obesity-related conditions, procedures leading to significant weight loss are a viable solution. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options at your disposal.

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What is a Weight Loss Balloon: Is it Right for you?

Several types of procedures can lead to significant weight loss. A weight loss balloon, officially known as a gastric balloon, is a type of non-surgical weight loss procedure that can help improve a variety of obesity-related conditions. ....

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Going abroad for weight loss surgery?

Many people are drawn to getting weight loss surgery abroad for a variety of reasons, with cost being the primary one. The cost of obesity surgery is lower in many clinics and hospitals around the world than it is in the UK.

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Ditch the takeaway

We've got the best fragrant and flavoursome 'fakeaway' dishes that are so easy to make at home. Ready in 40 minutes or less, they're sure to please the whole family

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Working with Harley Street Specialist Hospital

The National Obesity Surgery Centre is pleased to announce that from 17th May 2021 we will be working with Harley Street Specialist Hospital. The hospital is an 11,100 square foot, six floor building located in the heart of the Harley Street medical district.

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Raising awareness about the growing epidemic of obesity

The NOSC are raising awareness about the growing epidemic of obesity, we have branched out and are now advertising on Key 103. Listen out for our advert and if you would like to take the first step to a better

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The Gastric Balloon is a winner

We have been placing gastric balloons for 13 years. From the start we have emphasised that the balloon is only part of the story. It is a fantastic weight loss aid and we have had patients lose up to 10… Read more »

Lose weight and keep it off

The two most popular treatments for NOSC patients were the gastric balloon and the gastric sleeve. At opposite ends of the spectrum, both procedures offer amazing weight loss benefits. Some patients have lost as much as 10 stone… Read more »

How to beat the bulge

Obesity related issues are never out of the news these days. From crash diets to rigorous hours in the gym, it seems that most people are on a quest to shed some weight. Weight goes up, then comes down, then on it goes again with an extra few pounds and so it goes on and on.

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Gastric Band can keep the taxes down

Dr Phil Hammond thinks that there is no excuse for letting so many people suffer the disease and disability that is often a consequence of obesity. He says it is a lazy answer that the NHS just doesn’t have the money to fund the number of gastric band operations necessary.

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Gastric Bypass surgery causes drink-driving risk

Dr Peter Holt of Rockefeller University in New York says that people who undergo Gastric Bypass surgery are likely to have large quantities of alcohol in the blood even if they drink little, which takes a long time to wear off. He also claims that bacteria in parts of the gut cut off in gastric bypasses can produce pure alcohol.

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Infertility Reversal After Bariatric Surgery

Dr Mohammad Jamal says that 90% of patients with obesity, diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome were able to get healthy again after bariatric surgery. And following a study in Orlando, Florida he says that all his patients desiring pregnancy were able to conceive after having a gastric band.

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Lose Weight With a Balloon in Your Tum

Research has shown that obesity lowers life expectancy by up to seven years and costs the NHS £5 billion a year.

Having a balloon inflated in the stomach can lead to significant weight loss with few side effects, according to one of the largest ever studies to assess the technique. The gastric balloon – which is inserted in a procedure taking around 15 minutes – is highly effective at reducing appetite.

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