weight loss surgery

"I kickstarted my weight loss with a Balloon and lost 3 stone!"*

weight loss surgery

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becci-before-200x400I decided to have a Balloon after trying every diet going. I’d done the slimming club route, tried cutting down myself and was thoroughly fed up of dieting. The Balloon seemed ideal for me as it was non surgical and would hopefully give me the opportunity to get in control of my eating. I also suffer from PCOS, another reason why I wanted to lose weight.

I had the 12 month Spatz balloon rather than the 6 month option as I felt that I needed a year to get into good habits and get my portion size under control. The insertion of the Balloon was okay – not particularly pleasant and I was a bit sickly for a couple of days afterwards, but I’ve been really pleased with the results. I still go out for meals – I just have smaller amounts of food and I don’t feel deprived of anything. My confidence has rocketed and I can now buy the clothes I always wanted to.

The support team at NOSC have been great – especially Julie who has been in regular contact with me throughout the year. I didn’t tell people at first, but as my confidence has increased and my weight has decreased – weight loss to date over 3 stone – I’m happy to do so now.

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