weight loss surgery

"I was desperate to lose weight. Now I've lost over 11 stone with my Gastric Band I'm a different person!"*

weight loss surgery

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I had struggled with my weight since having four children. I put on 3 or 4 stone with each pregnancy and only managed to lose a small amount of baby weight each time. I wasn’t in control of my eating habits at all. I ate when I was fed up and when I was happy – all the time in fact.

I went to see my GP in desperation, as my weight was making me really depressed and affecting my whole life. I’d tried all the diets under the sun, but I’d lose a maximum stone and a half and then put it straight back on. My GP told me that I didn’t qualify for bariatric surgery on the NHS and this made me even more depressed, and I ate more and more.

I discussed things with my husband and we decided to pay for Gastric Banding privately; even though we didn’t have a lot of disposable income my husband knew how unhappy I had become and what a difference losing weight would make to my life. I went for a consultation with NOSC and had the Band in Gloucester soon after. My surgeon Mr Hewin was great and the support from everyone at NOSC has been fantastic. A Gastric Band is not an easy fix but the end result is well worth it. I only eat when I’m hungry now and my portion size has dramatically reduced. I am a different person with loads more energy, so I enjoy my time with the family, especially the grandchildren so much more. My wonderful family have been very supportive and are delighted to see how much more confident and happy I am.

I have dropped seven dress sizes from my top half and nine sizes from my bottom half. My overall weight loss is around 11 ½ stone – no wonder people don’t recognize me. I feel fabulous – having a Band has changed my life forever.

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