weight loss surgery

"My life's been transformed – I've lost over 12 stone!"*

weight loss surgery

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I had struggled with eating since childhood, I’d had my jaw wired and been to slimming clubs galore by the time I was 15. I come from a big family and my brother also struggled with his weight. He had a number of serious health problems and when he died he left me money so I could have an operation as he knew I was desperate to get my weight down. Looking back I think I was a food addict!

At first I looked into a Band, but decided it was not for me as I wasn’t keen on the adjustments involved. I knew my decision would be potentially life changing so I did a lot of research and decided to go for a procedure with NOSC as I felt I was treated as an individual and not on a conveyor belt system. After consultation I decided on a gastric sleeve as it seemed a good fit with my hectic lifestyle.

From the day I had a sleeve eighteen months ago everything has been fantastic. The first few weeks were a bit tough but the ‘mushy’ food during this time was nothing compared to some of the diets I had been on. I now listen to my body and have a great balanced diet. In the past I used food as an emotional crutch but now it’s just fuel to me and I have found that I gravitate towards healthy options, though I can still have the odd packet of Quavers if I like! My personality has changed too, I am now the ‘real me’ as I feel I no longer have to put a front on to compensate for being fat.

My friends think I look great. I used to be a size 32 and am now a size 14/16. I can walk down the street feeling normal and my quality of life is amazing. I am a bit of an adrenaline junky so have visited lots of theme parks in recent months, and I exercise regularly. I don’t even hide anymore when photos are taken!

A gastric sleeve has saved my life, my brother would be absolutely thrilled. I feel brilliant!

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