weight loss surgery

"5 months post surgery and have lost 5 stone 1.6 lbs "*

weight loss surgery

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Before my procedure, the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy I was extremely unhappy and embarrassed
with myself. Stuck in the vicious circle of yoyo dieting and binge eating. I’d say I have been
unhappy with my weight since around the age of 13. I’ve always been the “biggest” of my siblings,
and always seemed to be the “biggest” among my friends.
Aesthetics aside, the main reason for wanting and needing to lose weight is from the age of 21, my
partner and I have been trying to start a family. I was advised that having a higher BMI had
negative effects on conceiving and that any treatment options would likely be less effective. So I
would usually leave a fertility appointment feeling deflated having not lost enough weight, and head
to a venue with my partner for our “last bad meal”. This would usually turn in to a “last bad week”,
and lead to a next “Monday start”. I would stick to a new diet plan for a little while and lose some
weight, then reward myself with a takeaway! Which then started the cycle again. Bad food to me,
was extremely addictive. There I was 9 years later riding the same waves.
Holidays led to extreme dieting, and yet I still never looked how I wanted to! Always buying from
the plus size range and then covering up when out and about at theme parks, the beach, pool side
and not feeling “pretty” during the holiday night life!
I had been suffering with sore ankles, irregular periods, but fearful of developing diabetes, heart
disease and other obesity related health issues.
I had searched online for different weight loss surgeries over the years, but always dismissed it
due to financial reasons, thinking it was maybe a bit too drastic, sometimes even wondering if
surgery would even work!
I finally decided to get serious about it after my 30th birthday in November 2016, 30 and still not a
mum! The one thing I want the most! I actually set my mind on a gastric band. We researched on
and off until mid-December. If I'm honest although the decision was made to go for it, it still didn't
sink in that it could actually be happening for real! The next day I emailed a query to NOSC. I
wanted to be close to home without having to travel too far…True to form, I wanted convenience, I
wanted a company that looked like it was quality, and trustworthy.
NOSC got back to me that same day. I had enquired as above about the gastric band. The advisor
was very understanding and empathetic and seemed very knowledgeable. My appointment was
set up with the surgeon. Initially it seemed to take a little longer than I hoped as his clinics were full
for the immediate few weeks proceeding my enquiry but looking back, I see that as a positive that
he was in demand. In hind sight, it wasn't actually that long. It allowed me time to get my thoughts
I met with the surgeon and he was very approachable and didn't make me feel embarrassed, he
said this is the first step to the rest of your life. He advised me of all the varying surgery types and
that’s when I changed my mind to the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It just sat better with me for
some reason.
I started the 2 week pre-op diet which scared me at first, but the 2 weeks flew by and it wasn't too
bad at all. I was admitted to hospital on Feb 18th 2017 and all involved in my care were brilliant. I
didn't have one bad thing to say about my 3 day admission. Pain was minimal but I did experience
some nausea due to the nature of the surgery.
Once I was discharged, I had daily support phone calls from NOSC which was amazing! Any
questions were answered, and motivation was given! Absolutely fantastic team!!
I am coming up for 5 months post surgery and have lost 5 stone 1.6 lbs weighing at 13st 9lbs. I
started my journey at 18 stone 10.6 lbs. Honestly, I don't think my brain has caught up with the
weight loss yet because I keep heading to the plus size section in the shops when I don't need to
anymore. The compliments from friends and family are flying in! I feel fantastic so far and I’m so
excited to get to my own personal target of 11 stone 11 lbs.
I still receive phone calls from my patient advisor Tina, who is one in a million! So down to earth
and easy to talk to. My next step is to talk to the NOSC fitness advisor soon as I’m ready to target and tone and my energy levels are crazy good!! I’m often asked if I ever regret going through with
weight loss surgery; My only regret is not doing it way sooner!!

Linsi Kearney  


Manjit weight loss success story

It seems like it’s been a while; but in actual fact where has the time
gone? At the end of last June I shared my story on why I chose weight loss surgery (to lose enough weight to hopefully boost my fertility).

This June I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy!! How exciting is that?! I still can’t quite believe it after trying for so long!

It was seeing Professor Ali on BBC1 who performed my surgery that had me stop and reflect on what’s happened since the 18th of February.

Another crazy ride of emotions but not negative ones about the
struggles of weight loss. On my last update I had lost just over 5 stone and was in the zone. I had a good grasp on my new eating habits and was finally enjoying being able to exercise! Those full-length mirrors weren't my enemy anymore!

Since this is aimed at fertility, I will say that since my Vertical Gastric Sleeve surgery my menstrual cycles were very regular! This was quite new! Every 28 days. Until September came and I was a few days late.

I was a little gutted as I thought I was on a good roll. One day after work, I went to the shop and walked past the pregnancy tests, it hadn't occurred to me that could be the reason, little did I know!

I went home and as I have done over the last 10 years when I went through hundreds of pounds worth of tests, I would go to the toilet and use a test, then unpack the shopping in which time the test would be ready.

I walked past it expecting to have the usual eye roll of a single line meaning still not pregnant! Well I got the shock of my life when I saw the brightest second line! No way! Really?! So throughout that evening I proceeded to do the other 2 strips in the box as well as a quick run to Tesco for a double pack of tests and a digital test, sure enough ALL positive!!


Just wow! At this point I was down to 12 stone 6 pounds! 9 pounds away from my original personal goal! Close enough I’d say! My pregnancy was very textbook. I would even say I was very lucky!

I had a few extra check-ups at the hospital due to the sleeve procedure and baby growth but he was growing perfectly healthy and I was told I have no complications. My blood pressure remained normal the whole time, and I wasn't sick once! Score! I didn't escape the sore back and hips unfortunately, overall pretty good going.

I reached 15 stone at full term. When my baby was one week old I was back down to 12 stone 13 pounds. I will say being on maternity leave, I have had a small gain due to convenience eating around looking after a new baby and lack of exercise which took me up to 13 stone 13lb at its worst, but now I'm back down to 13 stone 6 pounds now and back in the zone with eating and
exercising where I can.

It’s a long way away from my weight when I started this journey at
nearly 19 stone, amazing! This weight loss surgery was never a quick fix, you need to work with it but when you do you get your results.

I hope to be at my original personal goal of 11stone 11lb or below by my 2 year “surgiversary” on Feb 18th 2019. I reckon it’s in the bag!

I’m not going to say that this will be the answer for everyone who is
overweight and struggling with fertility, but it can only help towards
becoming healthier and happier. Our baby was a complete surprise as we had been advised to wait at least 12 months before actively trying, for optimum health, but he was very welcome. I’d recommend the surgery and NOSC all day every day! It was my miracle.

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