weight loss surgery

"I used my Balloon to springboard my weight loss and for the first time I feel in control of my eating."*

weight loss surgery

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I have always been a yo yo dieter and tried loads of diets in the past. After I came off the last liquid diet I went on, I couldn’t stop eating and felt incredibly guilty when I put the weight back on. I then stabilised at a larger weight but really couldn’t face another round of dieting. I knew I didn’t want surgery or anything invasive so when I saw the Balloon it seemed ideal.

I had the Balloon in London and the insertion was fine. I was sickly for the first couple of days as I had been advised I would do, so didn’t worry about this too much. I found the support team at NOSC brilliant – it was great to know there was someone there at the end of the phone to help. The Balloon is not a magic solution to losing weight, you do need to commit to it but it is really effective. I felt full really quickly and started making sensible eating choices whilst still enjoying my meals. For the first time I felt I could eat exactly what I wanted and I felt great, I still do! I found my motivation again and lost 3 stone!

I had my Balloon out months ago and have maintained my weight loss. The balloon gave me the kickstart I needed and the help and advice from NOSC was invaluable. I took full advantage of the opportunity and am enjoying food for the first time in years.

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