weight loss surgery

"I feel like I am living life again!"*

weight loss surgery

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Ten years ago I was 41 and weighed 16 stone. I then gave up smoking and started putting on weight. When I was 50 I weighed 22 and a half stone. During this time I tried everything – Weight Watchers and Slim Fast, red weeks and green weeks, cabbage soup and Atkins, to name but a few.

I lost weight on them all and every time I quickly put it back on again. I was getting bigger and bigger and it was badly affecting my quality of life. In November 2008 after a lot of thought I decided to have a gastric band fitted. It was the best decision I have ever made.

I went to the National Obesity Surgery Centre and they were so understanding and kind. They made me feel comfortable and confident.

Having my band fitted was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’ve had so much help from my support team at the centre, I can’t thank them enough.

It only took me six months to lose six and a half stone. I now feel much healthier and better in myself. I feel like I am living life again and every time I look into the mirror I smile. I would like to lose a further two stone.

I would recommend the gastric band to anybody as it has changed my life.

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