weight loss surgery

"Overall, this was a life-changing procedure"*

weight loss surgery

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Before this life-transforming procedure, I was miserable and sad. I unintentionally hid away from my family and friends and didn’t leave the house for months.
I have always been unhappy with my weight. During lockdown, I was the unhappiest as I was at my heaviest. Owing primarily to lockdown restrictions and boredom, I ate larger portions. While I tried to lose weight and make changes to my diet, ultimately I gained more weight than ever before.
Being the biggest I had ever been, I socially isolated myself, choosing to rarely leave the house. Additionally, I unintentionally cut myself off from many family and friends.

The mere sight of my reflection in the mirror was deeply unsettling. I was depressed about my weight but I couldn't find the willpower to make any changes.

In May 2021, I saw a picture of myself that compelled me to take action. Even though I knew I was big, I didn’t realise how big I was until I looked at my picture. At this point, I decided to take action.

I spoke to different providers about different weight loss procedures. My conversations with Rob at NOSC were incredibly comforting. He listened to my concerns and I felt understood. Rob also took the time to explain the procedure in detail.

Overall, this was a life-changing procedure. It’s given me much more than weight loss. Moreover, the procedure wasn’t simply about changing my past diet choices. Rather, it’s also about looking at how much I was eating. To this end, portion control makes a big difference.

I still allow myself treats but I don’t overeat as I did previously. This is a habit I will continue to maintain. Today, I have a better relationship with food and know my limits.

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