obesity surgery success

"It really does work!"*

obesity surgery success

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I have always been fat. I used to think that I was naturally fat. I was very low emotionally about my weight . Doing anything was a struggle, from bending down to do up my shoes, to getting out of breath just walking up the stairs.

Ness weight loss success story

My THAT’S ENOUGH moment was in the late summer of 2022 when at a water park I was told that there were not wetsuits in my size – I was devastated and the realisation that I had to change hit me hard!

I went home, cried and the opened the laptop and searched Gastric Surgery in the UK!

I came across the website for the NOSC. I called and had a chat with Andrew who assured me that I was an ideal candidate for the gastric sleeve.

In November 2022 I was a size 24 and weighted in at 17st 11lb!

I was booked in for the gastric sleeve and underwent surgery safely here in the UK, in Brentwood, Essex. The surgeon and staff were amazing and the care I received was perfect, and upon my return home, the NOSC support remained outstanding!

In February 2024 I settled at a size 10/12 and my weight seems to have settled at 10st 11lb!


If you don’t believe in the sleeve, you should! It really does work! It’s tough sometimes and mentally I am still occasionally hungry (but that just in my head). Then I look in the mirror and I see a smaller, fitter, healthier and happier woman looking back, and I know I made the right choice, not just for me, but for the whole family!

I cannot thank the NOSC team of professionals enough for the care and support I received throughout my weight loss journey with them. If you want my advice, don’t risk travelling abroad. Get all the right care, support and medical attention you need right here in the UK.

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