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weight loss surgery

Weight loss story

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I've been a big girl all my life. The biggest in my family, the biggest in school, the biggest in university and the biggest in work. I also had all the complications which came with being so large. High blood pressure, pre diabetes and osteoarthritis in my knees. By the time I was in my early 40's I was really struggling and I wasn't able to live properly at all. After a shift on the hospital ward where I work, I had to be helped out of the car and I was in constant pain.

In Northern Ireland, Bariatric Surgery is not offered on the NHS but I had come to the end of my tether. I did my research and contacted the National Obesity Surgery Centre (NOSC). I was given lots of information about all the different surgical options open to me and time to process it all. I chose to go ahead with the Gastric Sleeve surgery and chose Mr Roger Ackroyd in the Claremont Private Hospital in Sheffield. At the start of my pre-op diet, I was alarmed to find that I weighed in at 24 Stones 1 and a half pounds. You see I've always avoided the scales. I managed to lose a stone during the pre-op diet so going into surgery I was just over 23 stone.

I had my surgery in October 2020. Having surgery during Covid 19 wasn't easy as I was not allowed any visitors but as I only stayed in the hospital for one night, it was manageable.

The surgery went well and I travelled back to Northern Ireland a few days later. The surgical pain wasn't too bad and I made a quick recovery. The NOSC contacted me frequently during those early days to check in with me to see if everything was okay and I felt reassured knowing that I was in safe hands. I moved through the different food stages with ease and was delighted to see the weight dropping off. I began to do some low impact exercise and was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it. My target was to get down to 12 stone.

I am now 10 months post-op and I weigh in at 11 stone 5 and a half pounds (Below target!!!) That's a total weight loss of 12 stone 10 pounds in only 10 months!!

I've gone from a size 36 to a size 12-14. I feel amazing and have so much energy and confidence. Sure, there are downsides to such rapid weight loss. For example, excess skin is one of them but honestly it’s a very small price to pay to be healthy.

The NOSC have been incredible. The support they have given me, especially Debbie G, as I try to stop my weight loss and level out and maintain has been invaluable. They are always on the other end of the phone for any queries or worries.

In terms of my health now, I have reversed my high blood pressure and pre diabetes and am in the best health that I have been in since my teenage years. I honestly cannot recommend the NOSC and their team enough. They have helped me totally change my life!!




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