weight loss surgery

"I am now 17 months post op and have lost a total of seven stones"*

weight loss surgery

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Prior to having my gastric sleeve I had always been unhappy with my weight and had poor self -esteem – this wasn’t helped by the fact that most of the women in my family are size 8 to 10 so I always thought of myself as the” black sheep”.  I work in health care and I felt that my weight was holding me back especially when it came to me advising my patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

After having my son in 2012 my weight kept creeping up and when I hit 16.5 stone I thought enough is enough.

I found the National Obesity Surgery Centre online and after a few days decided to contact them and book an appointment with one of their surgeons.  I met with Professor Majid Ali at Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow and found him to be very approachable and he answered all my questions with regards to the operation and the aftercare.

I booked my surgery for a couple of months later and in late January 2015 I had my operation.  I spent two days in hospital after the operation and the aftercare was brilliant.   The day after the operation my stomach muscles felt sore as though I had done a lot of sit ups but after day two I didn’t need regular pain relief any more.  I was only able to manage small amounts of soft foods and then gradually as the weeks passed I built this up to more textured foods.  I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon a couple of months after my operation and also had regular phone calls from the staff at NOSC to see how I was getting on and this support was invaluable.

The most incredible difference is the fact that I no longer feel hungry – I eat three small healthy meals a day but no longer have the cravings to snack in-between – this was my biggest downfall when I tried diets in the past as I have a sweet tooth!

I am now 17 months post op and have lost a total of seven stones.  I have gone from a size 18 dress size to size 8.  I feel so much better in myself and my self- confidence has improved dramatically.  It’s nice to bump into friends or acquaintances and they don’t recognise me now!  Also whereas in the past I dreaded clothes shopping and preferred to treat myself to a new handbag or shoes – now I am buying bikinis!

I only wish that I had this surgery sooner – I spent my 20s feeling very unhappy with my body and used food as an emotional crutch.  Now I eat when I am peckish and food is my fuel, nothing more… My family and friends have seen how the weight loss has transformed me from someone who was shy and not happy in her own skin to an outgoing confident woman.  I look forward to the rest of my 30s and beyond knowing that having this surgery has most likely improved my life expectancy and would urge anyone considering weight loss surgery to go for it!




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