weight loss surgery

"I wish I had started this journey years ago, I’ve now lost 7 stone and 4 lbs"*

weight loss surgery

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Since I was 11 years old I have struggled with my weight, I felt fat…too fat for shorts and so I was told to wear a skirt – things like that do stay with you. Before my procedure I had been very dissatisfied with myself no matter how I did my hair, make-up or what I wore. I have been dieting on and off since I was 18 years old and now feel I have tried every diet out there, even the crazy ones!
My weight has affected my family and my choices. From large enough seats at restaurants to the excessive amounts of clothes I bought as I never felt pretty. Holidays were stressful as I always dreaded to go on a plane, I was done to the last inch on the seatbelts. I never wanted to have to ask for the extension piece.

As my weight continued to rise, I felt I wasn’t far from any weight related health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure. During lockdown I celebrated my 50th Birthday with my daughter and husband. They had gone to so much trouble to make the day special even though it was just the three of us. When I looked at the photos, I thought what a complete mess I had become and now I had reached 50! It was time to make a serious change.

I had researched and contacted multiple weight loss providers but I kept coming back to the National Obesity Surgery Centre and felt this was the perfect provider for me I felt that their system prior to the operation suited me best. The conversations I had answered all my question and concerns and the aftercare was brilliant. Any advice I needed; they just seem to have all the answers.

I had my gastric sleeve at the Spire in Washington, Co Durham. A wonderful hospital and outstanding surgeon, Mr. Toumi made me feel very relaxed before I went down for surgery and then kept me comfortable after the procedure. I made a swift recovery with no issues and was well on the way with my weight loss journey.

I received daily calls from the welfare team for the first 2 weeks and then was assigned a nutritionist who called me each week. I could always call or email her during the week also. It has been a year now since I had my procedure and she still calls me once a month. She is full of helpful tips and an abundance of knowledge on bariatric life.

At my one-year milestone I have lost 7 stone and 4 lbs, I never believed I could feel like I do. I feel thin, pretty and beautiful. I love wearing skinny jeans and beautiful dresses. I truly feel that if I could bottle how I feel now and give it to everyone who is not happy with their size, we wouldn’t have any people on a diet.

Knowing you are not doing this on your own is massive. Having a team of people who understand your concerns and don’t laugh when you ask a daft question is a huge confidence boost. I am gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant and this has made my journey a little more difficult. I then found that I couldn’t cope with high amounts of sugar too. Knowing I had Debbie who would investigate foods and come up with alternative ideas was worth every penny. Even today she is there for me and I have a monthly call booked with her.

I wish I had done this in my 30’s, I would have been kinder to myself from 30-50yrs old. My new life is amazing and I feel comfortable in my own skin, I have succeeded in becoming the woman I am today and thanks to the NOSC I am glad to be able to share my story with others.

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