weight loss surgery

"I have lost just over 4 stone!"*

weight loss surgery

Weight loss story

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WEIGHT! This was always an issue with myself from very early on. During primary school I
was always the larger girl in the photos, this continued on to adult life, and always gave
myself an excuse, I’m tall so I can hold it, I’m just big boned etc. then lockdown hit. Like everyone else in the country I was at home and a coping mechanism for me is food. I piled on the pounds which then saw me at my heaviest of over 21st, and I caught a glimpse of myself and thought this needs to end.

I researched for weeks before contacting the NOSC team. My initial thought was to get a
balloon or band, until I came across the NOSC and saw that they offered the Gastric Plication procedure. This procedure seemed to suit me best.

After various telephone calls with Chris from the NOSC, answering all the questions I had, and speaking to the surgeon himself, I went ahead and booked. And by God I’m so glad I did. From the staff at NOSC, to the surgeon, his hospital team staff and all those in between, the experience was second to none. I was very nervous as I had not had an intrusive operation like this before and the fact that I was miles from home and couldn’t have anyone with me due to covid restrictions so I was feeling very apprehensive about the situation but all the staff reassured me and made me feel at ease.

I spent one night in hospital before flying back home to Scotland and had 10 days off work, I was able to drive after seven days from surgery. My sutures healed really well and the recovery was manageable and interesting to as I was getting to know my new stomach.

I am soon approaching the one year anniversary of my surgery and since then I have now reached the 16 stone mark. I have lost just over 4 stone and even more so I have gained a new lifestyle. I walk 3 to 5 kilometres a week and attend kick boxing classes 3 times a week. I stick to my correct portion sizes and suitable food choices. I feel that I am only 2 stone away from where I would like to be with my weight.

People think weight loss surgery is a quick fix, an easy option. I would like to reassure anyone who may be thinking about preceding down this route. You are not going to wake up from the surgery and be skinny! You need to be willing to change your lifestyle, adapt to your new stomach and put in the work to reach your full potential.

I would like to thank the NOSC for all their support before during and after my surgery.


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