weight loss surgery

"I wish I had taken this journey of weight loss years ago"*

weight loss surgery

Weight loss story

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Before my procedure I felt very uncomfortable in myself. I had been unhappy about my weight since my teens. All my life I’ve felt like I was battling with something I couldn’t control, and couldn’t find any ways to lose weight successfully. I felt like my weight has affected my life in so many ways and hindered me enjoyment in life and restricted me from achieving certain goals.

 Before my procedure I had a lot of knee and back pain, this made me feel very down. My decision came to a head around a year ago when I would fall asleep most afternoons and had little energy as I was exhausted and in pain. I then decided to contact a few weight loss services. I came across the NOSC and with my very first conversation with them I felt at ease.

They were professional and honest from the start informing me on my options and discussed with me the procedures that were available to me. My time spent in hospital was a positive experience which to me was a relief. I felt well cared for and looked after by a very professional and friendly team.

I struggled initially with my recovery but this was to be expected, the NOSC team contacted me on a regular basis and talked me through the different stages of my recovery including diet and nutrition. Everything was explained well and they were very supportive on all the questions I had and still are.

Losing the weight has made me significantly more confident and a happier individual. I no longer sleep in the afternoons and I have so much more energy to enjoy life with my family. So far on my journey I have lost 14 stone. My goal is to lose a few more stone so I feel comfortable to go to the gym and tone up my muscle loss.

Looking back at myself in the past years and how I am currently feeling I wish I had taken this journey of weight loss years ago.




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