weight loss surgery

"I really wish I had this surgery sooner"*

weight loss surgery

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Before I had my procedure, I was very depressed. I had been unhappy with my weight for 6 years. I had tried various diets, personal training and exercising for most of my adult life. My struggle affected my family massively because I was too unfit for bike rides, walks, swimming and days out. I hated beach holidays because of my size. I had terrible joint pain, was constantly breathless and borderline diabetic.

I finally made the decision to have a Gastric Sleeve after a michelle's weight loss success story disastrous holiday at Centre Parcs. We had to ride bikes everywhere and I couldn't, I was psychically too unfit and in pain. It was the most humiliating experience of my life. I spoke to a few different providers before choosing NOSC. I chose them after researching my surgeon Professor Ali, then seeing he worked on behalf of NOSC.

My time in hospital was absolutely great. The staff were amazing, so kind and helpful and encouraging. My recovery was also easy. I did experience some sickness post op which has settled down now. NOSC kept in contact with me daily which was a great help and I was given lots of useful advice post op from them which I have followed.

I was 22 stone and a size 26 in clothes in July 2021, 14 months later I am a size 10 and my weight is 10 stone exactly. I have lost 12 stone in total and would like to lose 10lb more. Losing this much weight has changed my whole life. I am fitter. I am doing fitness challenges to raise money for charities. I have a lot more energy. I am active. I don't have depression any longer which is the biggest positive besides losing weight.

My mental health was in such a decline that at times I didn't know how I'd get through a day. My obesity was the cause of my mental health problems. My marriage is stronger, my husband loves the new me. My children are happy to have a happier mum. I can buy clothes from anywhere I like and participate in walking, swimming, cycling, anything.

The NOSC helped me by sorting out everything I needed, there was no stress. It was such a smooth process. I really wish I had this surgery sooner. If I knew how much better my life would be I'd have done it years ago. Thank you NOSC for helping me change my life.

michelle's weight loss success story

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