obesity surgery success

"16st 4lbs and I feel like a new woman "*

obesity surgery success

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Before I made the decision to have such a big life changing procedure I sat and thought of the benefits and how it would help my life in the long run I started off at 26 stone 4lbs at this point I knew things needed to change I was struggling to do day to day things getting out of breath just walking.

I have two small children so that was especially tough, I’ve struggled my whole life with my weight. I tried myself to get the weight off but it was the struggle of keeping it off and staying determined. This did make me feel better but it was too easy to eat bad foods again, eating with friends and family and having an eating problem it was just more convenient to grab something quick and over indulge.

The day I called the NOSC I felt at ease and felt like my life was finally going to change for the better. My patient advisor Andrew was absolutely amazing, he helped me every single step of the way! I told him things I couldn’t tell my family because it was uncomfortable but he helped me decide what surgery was best for me and explained everything I was worried about and put me at ease. I had a date to meet my surgeon at the Spire Washington in May 2022 to discuss my surgery further.

Mr. Toumi explained everything in detail and put my mind at ease, I got my surgery date for the 6th June 2022 for the full gastric Bypass procedure. On the day of my surgery the care I received from the nurses and all staff in the hospital was exceptional, my surgeon and anaesthetist came to my private room and explained my surgery step by step. After my procedure the aftercare from the nurses at the hospital was exceptional, my surgeon come to see me and explain everything went well and as planned.

The surgeon checked my incisions to make sure I was in the best shape after my surgery. The aftercare and support I received every single day was amazing. Once I was home the NOSC Team and Mr. Toumi contacted me to reassure me of anything I was concerned about. I’m now 7 months post op. And my current  weight is 10st a total loss of 16st 4lbs and I feel like a new woman my life has never been better I’m thriving at my job I’m very active and mobile.

The ailments I had before, my sleep apnoea, snoring, lack of sleep, lethargy, joint pain, back pain and headaches have all gone. I have no aches or pains anymore; I’m now going the gym 5 times a week I eat very well. I get my bloods checked monthly and I’m the healthiest I’ve been in 20 years it was the best decision of my life and I’m the happiest healthiest I’ve ever been .

Thanks to the huge help and support from the NOSC team, I wouldn’t have gone and made the decision on my own I cannot thank the NOSC staff and my surgeon enough for changing my life for the better.

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