weight loss surgery

"I have lost 7 Stone and gone from a size 20 to an 8/10"*

weight loss surgery

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I have always struggled with my weight. Ever since childhood really. My family were always saying it was puppy fat. I’ve always eaten poorly, choosing to go most of the day eating nothing then snacking on chocolate and sweets, and eating fast food all evening.

I tried several diets but I am a fussy eater so find it really hard to stick to certain meal plans or diets. When diets didn’t work I joined a gym and got a personal trainer which cost a small fortune.

I hated the way I looked. I am only 5ft 1 so being overweight made me feel massive and I was so unhappy. Buying clothes was also a very unpleasant experience for me. Because I hated the way I looked, I would always opt for baggy clothes but these would only make me look bigger.

Being so unhappy made me eat more and eventually stopped going out because I felt so self-conscious.

Then came some news that my late estranged father had passed away and left me a lot of money. I decided to research weight loss options and costs online via Facebook. I remember speaking to several places to see what was available but really I was doubting whether it would be worth spending that much money. It seemed like a lot. Eventually, my daughter and I decided to do it together. It has been the best decision of my life and I wish I had done it sooner.

From the minute we enquired we were put at ease and treated like people, and we were really looked after. We booked in on the same day with the same surgeon. Being able to do this with my daughter has been so good. Eating out was difficult at first and our first Christmas was hard as we could only eat small soft food options at that time and strictly no alcohol or sweets! It would have been so easy to make poor choices but because we were together, we have been able to support each other through the process and help keep each other on track.

It was especially hard as my partner was having them but hard work pays off!

My daughter and I often go out for food together as we can just order a side option or a kids meal. Sometimes we share a main meal depending on what we fancy.  I have no restrictions on the types of food I can eat but I still have to be mindful of choosing healthy options and protein rich options.

The weight loss surgery has provided me with a much-needed tool to start my journey to a healthier and better life and I am so happy I did it.

Going in for the procedure was scary at times and you do have all sorts of thoughts about what is going to happen, just remember you are human and this is a normal response. There were a few pre op appointments to attend and we were both given five choices for the liver reduction diet prior to surgery, and I was able to pick the best one that suited my tastes and lifestyle and work commitments etc. It was very hard for the first 3 days (I won’t sugar coat it ha-ha) as this is your body getting rid of all the sugar and toxins in your system, but it does get better and by the end of my 10 days I was even feeling full on the LRD.

Since having my gastric bypass in October 2021, I have lost seven stone and gone from a size 20 to an 8/10 which I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be at. Especially only a year later. I was scared of having loose skin too but can honestly say I don’t have much at all, though I still have a bit of a tummy which I would like to get rid of.  I am actually the happiest I have been ever! I have been able to do so much more for myself. I am loving life, enjoying every day, and gaining more confidence each day that goes by. My whole dress sense has changed and I am even feeling confident enough to wear bikinis on holiday now.

Holidays can be hard still, the food is often served in huge portions but this means we could share quite easily and buffet restaurants were actually great for choosing protein, healthy salad and vegetable sides all in as small a portion as we liked. Cocktails and soft drinks were all very sugary and there weren’t many low sugar options. This is something my daughter and I agreed we would check into next time before booking our next trip.

Before I had my surgery I would regularly put on a stone or more on a two week all-inclusive but this time I remained the same weight which was fantastic.

I chose to go with the NOSC after doing my research, speaking to other practitioners and most importantly reading up on patient reviews and testimonials by other people with a similar story to my own.

On the day of the operation, I arrived at the hospital at 7am and was talked through what was going to happen step-by-step which really put my mind at ease. I made sure I understood and signed all my consent forms then I was taken down to the theatre a little after 11: 30am. When I woke up I was in some discomfort from the gas pain which I had been told would happen so I wasn’t too worried. This only lasted around five days for me and it got better each day. The anaesthetic made me feel a bit sick but other than that I didn’t really feel any different. I was initially a bit disappointed because part of me thought I would  be a bit slimmer immediately. The surgeon came to see me after and also the next morning and then I was released with all the medication and pain relief I needed that evening.

I began my recovery at home with three weeks off as I have a pretty physical job. I was able to return back to work on light duties for two months after that to be safe and make sure everything was properly healed. It was at this point I had my first review with the surgeon to see how my wounds were healing. Following this I had a review at six and 12 months to see how I was getting on.

The NOSC have also been by my side throughout this journey, talking me through all the processes and keeping in touch after we were discharged to check in and help with any concerns. They supported us through the different stages of eating as our bodies healed and got used to our new lifestyles. By teaching us mindfulness and how to recognise the signs of feeling full we were able to easily and happily eat properly and stop bingeing. They provided us with access to a super helpful online platform that I referred to throughout my first year. I attended all the workshops to help me stay focused and to get other peoples opinions and tips to succeed. They even rang every two weeks for the first year to see how we were doing.

Overall, it has been a life changing experience and the NOSC made it possible, and I can’t thank them enough for the support they have given us. I still look at photos of me in the past and feel disgusted I let things get so bad. I barely recognize myself now and can’t believe the difference not just in my body but my mind as well.

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